Projet TeleMed : Analyser les interactions patient/soignant lors de téléconsultations

Publications liées à ce projet:

Antoine, M.D., Cherba, M., Grosjean, S., Boet, S., Waldolf, R. (2023). A Scoping Review of Challenges and Existing Tools: How to support Patient/Provider Communication during Telemedicine Consultations? University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine (UOJM).

Grosjean, S., Matte, F., Nahon-Serfaty, I. (2021). « Video Reflexivity-in-Practice: Making Visible the “sensing-at-distance » in Telemedicine », in S. Grosjean & F. Matte (sous la direction), Organizational Video-Ethnography Revisited: Making Visible Material, Embodied and Sensory Practices, Chapitre 2, Palgrave Macmillan, London, United Kingdom.

Cherba, M., Grosjean, S., Bonneville, L., Nahon‐Serfaty, I., Boileau, J., & Waldolf, R. (2021). The essential role of nurses in supporting physical examination in telemedicine: Insights from an interaction analysis of postsurgical consultations in orthopedics. Nursing inquiry, e12452.

Grosjean S, Cherba M, Nahon-Serfaty I, Bonneville L, Waldolf, R. (2020). Quand la distance reconfigure la pratique Clinique. Une analyse multimodale des interactions en télémédecine. Communiquer. https://doi.org/10.4000/communiquer.5219

Contact: sgrosjea@uottawa.ca

Mots-clés Prise de décision clinique, interactions patient/médecin, connaissances sensorielles, laboratoire de simulation