Connected Canada conference

The SSHRC funded Connected Canada 150 conference examined what it means to be a digital citizen in Canada today. This two-day conference brought together leading experts in Internet culture and digital citizenship, including academics, government officials, policy-makers, members of think tanks, members of the private sector, and civil society groups. The conference fostered much-needed dialogue and established a research agenda across sectors and generations. Together, participants drafted a public research agenda that identifies what we need to know about digital citizens in order to inform good policy and foster strong institutions.

Plenary sessions discussed cross-cutting issues of Internet culture and digital literacy, while breakout sessions explored the theme of digital citizenship through issues that were top-of-mind in 2017 for academics and practitioners like:

  • Government service design
  • News and media literacy
  • Law and digital rights
  • Civic engagement

In addition to fostering discussion Connected Canada 150 keeps the momentum going by building a network of scholars, policy makers, and members of industry and civil society who are interested in this area.

Keywords Government service design, News and media literacy, Law and digital rights, Civic engagement