Our projects

eCARE-PD platform: a digital health technology for people living with Parkinson 

Parkinson, eHealth, Co-Design, Integrated Care, self-care
The purpose of this project is to co-design a personalized eHealth platform to support self-care and promote integrated care for people living with Parkinson’s Disease. We used a co-design approach and mixed methods to directly engage people (patients, caregivers and healthcare providers) in the design of the technology.


Hospital, Information Overload, Cognitive Overload, Participatory Design, Machine Learning, eHealth Technology

This project investigates how an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology could help clinicians and nurses working in hospital to deal with information and cognitive overload. We used a co-design approach to involve clinicians in the design process. 

TeleMed Project: To study Patient/clinician interactions during teleconsultations

Patient/Clinician interaction, Sensory Knowledge, Telemedicine, Simulation

The diffusion of telemedicine increases pressure to develop specific training programs for physicians, medical students, and other clinicians using telemedicine as a medium for providing patient care. Some challenges related to affective distance, remote body, and the transformation of sensory perceptions increase the lack of confidence about clinical diagnosis. The main purpose of our research program is to describe and understand how clinical work is accomplished during teleconsultations. Based on interaction analysis of patient-provider interactions during teleconsultations, we created various form or training tools such as online learning or simulations. 

CPIN COVID Project: Co-design of tailored digital health messages

Digital communication, tailored health messages, patient/provider communication

The purpose of this project is to identify the information needs related to COVID-19 for different patient groups and to design tailored digital health messages for primary care practices. Following an iterative process of patient feedback, we will design tailored content according to the information needs of the patients.