Workshop “Python Tutorial”

Workshop organized by Trevor Delay (Ph.D Student)

Date: October 9, 2020 (9am-11:30am) – 2 hours

Title: Python Tutorial: Collecting Twitter Data and analyzing Sentiment and Emotions using APIs.

Description: This workshop will provide a beginner level, hands-on tutorial for setting up a twitter listener in python through the Twitter Streaming API.  In order to maximize our time together participants will be asked to download several tools ahead of time.  The first hour will cover the tools being used, and walkthrough writing out the code for collecting real-time data from the Twitter Streaming API.  Participants will learn how to follow a list of user ids for all mentions of that user, derived from twitter handles.  The second hour will cover the IBM cloud and other free analysis tools, and walkthrough the code required to send collected tweets to these services for analysis.  We will explore the Natural Language Understanding API which can analyze text for Sentiment, Emotions, and other natural language features.  Each participant will be required to bring their own computer.  Each participant will likely have different operating systems, so please expect technical issues.  Part of the workshop will consist of trying to work through technical issues together.  At the end of the workshop the goal is to have each participant with a running twitter collector with sentiment and emotion analysis running on their own computer.

Pre-requisites: These are only required if participants wish to have the tools running on their personal computer.  If participants wish to watch along instead then these are not required.

  • Participants will be asked to download and install the anaconda’s navigator
  • Participants will be asked to create a twitter developer account, and register an app
  • Participants will be asked to create an IBM cloud account, and register a service
  • Participants will be asked to install python libraries onto their computers

Content: We will attempt to get through the entire agenda, however, pending individual technical issues we may not get all the way to the end.

First Hour

  • Installing Anacondas Navigator and using Jupyter Notebook
  • Signing up for a Twitter Developer Account
  • Setting up a collector

Second Hour

  • IBM cloud and other free AI tools
  • Signing up for an IBM cloud account
  • Setting up an AI service
  • Analyzing tweets for emotion and sentiment

Registration to the workshop is free and open to all. Contact sylvie.grosjean@uottawa.ca to register.