Queer dating apps and the datafication of sexual health (Nov. 19)

David Myles, Ph.D (Université du Québec à Montréal)  Date: November 19 2021 @4pm Registration:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUofumurj8uHtyIu_aeU_T4Gxfs9oAR6pBY Reading: Myles, D., Duguay, S., & Dietzel, C. (2021). #DatingWhileDistancing: Dating apps as digital health technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic. In D. Lupton & K. Willis (Eds.), The COVID-19 crisis: Social perspectives. Routledge. https://www.taylorfrancis.com/chapters/edit/10.4324/9781003111344-10/datingwhiledistancing-david-myles-stefanie-duguay-christopher-dietzel   

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Workshop “Python Tutorial”

Workshop organized by Trevor Delay (Ph.D Student) Date: October 9, 2020 (9am-11:30am) – 2 hours Title: Python Tutorial: Collecting Twitter Data and analyzing Sentiment and Emotions using APIs. Description: This workshop will provide a beginner level, hands-on tutorial for setting up a twitter listener in python through the Twitter Streaming API.  In[…]

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Social Robots in Health Care

Date: Sept 23 2020 (12am-1pm) Speaker: Catarina Silva (MA Student in Communication) Title: Exploring the social and communicative conditions for the acceptability of social robots in health care. Abstract: Recent research indicates an increased interest in understanding the social acceptability of social robots, one of the most discussed uses of[…]

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Workshops “Studying technology use as social practice”

March, 11th 2020 – 2pm-4pm (LMX 262) February, 12th 2020 – 2pm-4pm (FTX 413) Unboxing apps: The walkthrough method as a step-by-step app analysis Workshop presented by Stefanie Duguay, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University. Software applications (apps) are the site of significant sociocultural and economic transformations across[…]

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Workshops “Beyond the discourses” (Fall Session 2019)

The CTI-Lab organizes a series of conversation on the social acceptability of eHealth and Artificial Intelligence. Several questions will be addressed, such as: What AI-based technologies are perceived as socially acceptable by physicians? What wearable technologies do patients living with Parkinson’s disease consider socially acceptable? This workshop series brings together academics and[…]

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Communication Hackathon (Fall 2018)

This project involved students from the University of Ottawa to help one of our Community Partner – Centre Psychosocial d’Ottawa – to improve external communication. The objective of a one-day Hackathon was to co-design a communication strategy involving the design of a website. The students have co-designed interactive wireframes to respond to[…]

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