CogNeat: An eHealth technology to reduce Digital Stress

The volume of information, the multiplication of technologies in Healthcare settings increase the volume of data, information and Healthcare professionals need to quickly prioritize the information, visualize the pertinent information, and control the Digital Stress. In the context of Digital Stress this task gets more complicated and stressful. Healthcare professionals cannot be disconnected; they must always be connected. How to help them to control and reduce digital stress. What eHealth technology could be proposed to clinicians and nurses working in hospital and dealing with digital stress? The project CogNeat focuses on the design and development (based on a Participatory Design Approach) of an eHealht technology for reducing information and cognitive overload in healthcare settings.

Note: Project funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIRH).

Contact: sylvie.grosjean@uottawa.ca

Keywords Digital Stress, Hospital, Information Overload, Participatory Design, Machine Learning, eHealth Technology