CogNeat Project: Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce cognitive and information overload in Hospital

The main purpose of this project is to investigates how an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology could help clinicians and nurses working in hospital to manage digital stress. This interdisciplinary project is based on a Participatory Design Approach involving physicians and nurses in the design and development of this AI technology.

More information: Grosjean, S., Bonneville, L. & Marrast, P. (2019). Innovation en santé conduite par les médecins et infirmières : l’approche du design participatif à l’hôpital [Health Innovation Driven by Physicians and Nurses: A Participatory Design Approach in Hospital] Innovations, 60(3), 69-92.

Contact: sgrosjea@uottawa.ca

Keywords Digital Stress, Hospital, Information Overload, Participatory Design, Machine Learning, eHealth Technology