Sensory Work in Clinical Decision Making

Sensory experiences comprise an integral part of clinical decision-making (Sterne, 2003; Maslen, 2016, 2017). Clinicians’ senses are constantly engaged (Schubert, 2011; Goodwin, 2010, Maslen 2012) and the senses are indispensable to clinicians’ judgments of health and illness because information is partially collected via the senses, and this sensing is a process of knowing. The main objective of this project is to investigate the role of sensory experiences in clinical decision-making. Based on different qualitative methods (focus groups building on a narrative approach, self-confrontation interviews), our project examines the “sensory work” of clinical decision-making (Maslen, 2017) in different contexts (Emergency, telemedicine, IUC, etc.). In collaboration with the laboratory of simulation, the understanding of the “sensory work” in clinical exams will contribute to create specifics simulation scenario.

Note: Project funded by Knowledge Institute Montfort (ISM)

Contact: sylvie.grosjean@uottawa.ca

Keywords Clinical Decision Making, Patient/Physician interactions, Sensory Knowledge, Simulation Lab